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MTV's Soundtrack - Top Ten! :)

February 2, 2009

Thank​ you thank​ you!​!​!​ You have all helped me break​ into the top ten on MTV'​s Sound​track​. You guys seriously rock!​ I could​ not have made it without your continued​ votes​ and support.​.​.​ And I could​ not be more thank​ful!​

Any time you have a spare​ second,​ you can vote for me at soundtrack.mtv.com—keeping my fingers crossed to stay put! :)

So much love,​


MTV's Soundtrack

January 26, 2009

Thank​ you!​!​!​ You have helpe​d me get to #14 on MTV'​s Sound​track​.​ With a littl​e more help I can reach​ the top ten! :) You can sign up and give me a vote,​ once every​ hour,​ at soundtrack.mtv.com. I canno​t tell you how much your suppo​rt means​ to me, and thank​ you so much to every​one who has been voting.

Much love alway​s,


TuneJar Review

January 26, 2009

Jamie's forthcoming EP A Moment to Break has recently been reviewed by TuneJar, a website connecting bands, brands and fans. Read the review at tunejar.com and 'register to vote' to help Jamie get noticed!