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MTV's Soundtrack

January 26, 2009

Thank​ you!​!​! You have helpe​d me get to #14 on MTV'​s Sound​track​.​ With a little more help I can reach​ the top ten! :) You can sign up and give me a vote,​ once every​ hour,​ at I canno​t tell you how much your suppo​rt means​ to me, and thank​ you so much to every​one who has been voting.

Much love alway​s,


TuneJar Review

January 26, 2009

Jamie's forthcoming EP A Moment to Break has recently been reviewed by TuneJar, a website connecting bands, brands and fans. Read the review at and 'register to vote' to help Jamie get noticed!

Daisy Rock

January 26, 2009

Jamie is now a Daisy Rock Artist! Check out Daisy Rock's website.

Rumblefish Feature

January 26, 2009

Jamie is featured on this week's Rumblefish New Music Tuesday newsletter, and on the Rumblefish Music Licensing Store homepage:

POPPIN' FRESH: Jamie Lynn Noon
Monday, November 3rd 2008

The sweetly sung, personal pop of Bay Area singer/songwriter Jamie Lynn Noon is heartfelt and cinematic. With cherubic vocals, a bright, Californian vibe and sugary, soaring hooks, Noon's slickly produced tracks offer a sunny respite from dour, too-serious rockers. It is, in fact, precisely that spirit of breezy innocence and pop accessibility that makes her songs the perfect aural accompaniment to, say, the next Princess Diaries-like girl-power film. Cut from the same cloth as Vanessa Carlton or Sara Bareilles, Noon could be the precious, bittersweet vocalist your next project calls for, but with a rock edge and maturity beyond her years, this pop songstress makes wistful music that is anything but disposable.

Recommended uses:
Films about female friendship
Loneliness montages in romantic comedies
Replacing Kelly Clarkson, Chantal Kreviazuk or the songs of Linda Perry
Need some sugar and spice and everything nice.