Ethereal healing pop songs are Bay area singer-songwriter Jamie Lynn Noon's specialty. Her music speaks to the images and stories that flow through us as we recall poignant life experiences. Noon's mellow vocal delivery and gentle melodies create a blanket of warm relief for the listener and lend hope during times of chaos and confusion.

As a colorful storyteller who explores the dark and the light of what it means to be human, Noon shares that "Music is a comfort during uncertain times," with her new dreamy reflective record moving beyond heartbreak to touch on the wonder and nostalgia along life's journey. Lead single, "Begin Again" (featuring Kristin Weber on fiddle) and upcoming "Carousel" mark a move into a new creative chapter for Noon, with the tracks maintaining her trademark ethereal feel while evoking a more country-pop flavor. As a collaboration with Los Angeles producer, Nate Kohrs, Noon's full-length album, Begin Again, is out this winter.

First falling in love with music playing flute as a youngster, and performing and singing in bands and choirs throughout grade school, Noon's transition to full-time songwriting came on the heels of her high school graduation. She has released three independent EPs (A Moment To Break, Angels Spoke and Closer), along with multiple singles (including her popular REM cover, "Everybody Hurts"). Her EPs' were all produced in collaboration with producer Kevin Harris, alongside Grammy-nominated engineer, Brian Gardner, who has mastered every release to date.

Having accumulated numerous placement and licensing credits - including ABC's The Secret Life of the American Teenager ("'Til Ya Make It") and All My Children ("To Finally"), CBS's The Young and the Restless ("To Finally"), Lifetime TV's Dance Moms ("Going, Going, Gone," "I'm Trying" and "(Over and Over) and Over Again") and NBC's The Voice (multiple background songs) – Noon has also contributed to charitable albums, including Full Forward Records' Abrazos 2009 and Abrazos 2016 artist compilation ("'Til Ya Make It") to raise money for breast cancer, and the Firework 2013 compilation ("Angels Spoke"), a benefit for the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative.